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An Agent’s View of Broker Affiliation

The underlying premise for the company was simple: the traditional brokerage business model had become dated and no longer effective for a large percentage of the Atlanta-area real estate community.  Wynd Realty countered the premise by creating a simpler, more cost effective, broker/agent solution.  The vision was realized by separating traditional realty services from essential and required brokerage services.

The idea, now known as the “micro broker” concept, basically takes the Broker out of the agent’s real estate business.   As a result, the brokerage becomes an enabling service allowing sales agents to function with the least amount of overhead.  This, coupled with the belief agents are better served by branding and promoting themselves over their Broker, became the cornerstones of the Wynd Realty’s business model.

Many things are unique about Wynd Realty.  Most notably, the micro broker concept means Wynd Realty doesn’t market themselves to home buyers or sellers. That, as everybody knows, is ultimately the agent’s job.  Wynd Realty’s mission is to service the needs and requirements of the agents who choose to use their brokerage services.  To this day, Wynd Realty is the only Atlanta-area brokerage that offers a no cost branding product that encourages agents to create, market and advertise themselves under their own realty brand(s).

How Wynd Realty moves forward and grows will be the result of its agent voice.  The agent collective has input and opportunity to help shape the direction and future of company as well as helping create a measurable impact on the Atlanta-area real estate market.  Wynd Realty takes a great deal of pride in being unique and offering agents an exciting new alternative to traditional brokerage formats.

This website is not meant to be a vehicle for self promotion.  This site is meant to be a conversation between Wynd Realty and its agents.   Hopefully this conversation will be a useful tool, library of information and source of industry news.

Wynd Realty opened for business in 2007.

Wynd Realty is headquartered in the Switchyards Downtown Club, in Atlanta GA. The company currently has an agent roster of 250 sales agents.

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