Agent Programs

The Wynd Realty agent program is for real estate professionals, part-time or full-time, who are compliant with GA Real Estate License Law. Wynd Realty is not a teaching brokerage. We provide the necessary tools to have agents up and running with their businesses in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

As an agent-focused, “Brokerage Services” company specializing in real estate, we offer a flat fee transaction service. And to this day, Wynd Realty has remained the only Brokerage NEVER to charge a fee for either agent referral or rental commissions.

You can “park” your license with Wynd Realty or build the next real estate empire of your own through our DBA Program. What an agent does with their real estate license is up to them. Wynd Realty’s charter is to allow agents to legally go in any direction of their choosing.

$9.95 a Month Agent Fee (FMLS Only)


  • FMLS Membership
  • 100% Agent Commission
  • No NAR/GAR Fees
  • Agent Portal
  • Commission Free Rentals
  • Commission Free Referrals
  • HUD Certified
  • Virtual Office
  • License Management
  • Broker Contract Review
  • Escrow Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Never a Late Fee

$29.95 a Month Agent Fee (GAMLS & FMLS)

Same as above, plus GAMLS Membership. Wynd Realty offers MLS membership to either of Atlanta’s MLS companies; FMLS and GAMLS.  Agents are encouraged to tailor and dynamically select which MLS works best for them.

Flat $300 Transaction Processing Fee

The transaction fee is independent of sale price.  100K or 10M, the fee remains the same $300.

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