DBA Program Overview

Agent branding via the DBA Program

The Atlanta-area’s only branding product that encourages agents to market and advertise under their own realty label.  Under Wynd Realty’s DBA Program, the brokerage “steps aside” and allows the agent to create and market the company they design.  For several years now the role of the Broker has continued to diminish, especially in terms of the consumer sales cycle.   For agents wanting to differentiate themselves it no longer makes sense to be placed in the same category as thousands of other agents.   Standing apart may mean getting away from under the umbrella of others.
The DBA Program is not a requirement to be affiliated with Wynd Realty.  The Program is simply an agent feature the company provides at no additional monthly cost.   The idea is for the agent to achieve as much Broker transparency as possible.

  • Create Your Own Company Name
  • Market Under Your Own Logo
  • Brand Your Company (not your Broker’s company)
  • Create and Build Your Own Corporate Equity

Wynd Realty believes this Program represents a significant shift from the decades old traditions of the past.  Since many DBA scenarios are unique, please contact a Wynd Realty sales representative to discuss your specific opportunities.

Is a DBA right for you?  Download to learn more…

Guide to Creating A DBA Realty

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