Wynd Realty was founded on the premise the traditional franchise business model had become dated and no longer effective for a large percentage of the Atlanta-area real estate community.  Wynd Realty’s idea was to create a simpler, more cost effective, broker/agent relationship.  The vision was realized by separating traditional realty services from essential and required brokerage services.  In doing so, Wynd Realty created a truly unique Brokerage Services Company for real estate professionals.

Wynd Realty today remains focused on alternative or contemporary realty business models that offer sales agents and communities the greatest amount of flexibility and cost control.   With our much heralded DBA Program, Wynd Realty remains Atlanta’s only Brokerage that offers a no cost branding product that encourages agents to create, market and advertise themselves under their own realty brand(s).

Wynd Realty opened for business in 2008.

Wynd Realty currently has an agent roster of 250 sales agents.

Wynd Realty
151 Ted Turner Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303

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