About Wynd Realty

Atlanta’s no-bull brokerage services company.

A non-traditional brokerage that’s breaking all the rules

Wynd Realty is the Atlanta brokerage without the baggage. Since 2008, we’ve strived to offer licensed real estate agents an alternative to the traditional franchise business model. One that’s flexible, affordable, and stays out of the way of how agents want to run their business.

Our brokerage is dedicated to being a real estate brokerage for agents by agents. Thanks to our commitment to fairness, agents love the low fees, zero charges for referrals and rentals, and the ability to operate independently.

Building Through Agent Brand Development

As information overload continues at warp speed, and the channels we use to consume it widens, the idea of creating a one-stop shop for everything real estate seems unlikely. Rather, agents should be allowed to communicate with their clients in any way they want, AND through the brand that makes most sense for them. We are a brokerage OF agents, FOR agents.

Evana Oli, Brand Director

Kaye Edmonds, Director of Technical Operations, Associate Broker

The industry needed a good shake-up

We saw an opportunity in 2008 to create a different path for licensed agents in the industry. The traditional franchise model had become dated and no longer effective for a large percentage of the Atlanta-area real estate community. Our founder, Jeff Bergstrom, wanted to offer a simpler, more cost effective broker/agent relationship. He made it happen by separating traditional realty services from essential brokerage services—offering agents only the services they needed and nothing else.

Today, Wynd Realty remains focused on finding new ways to offer sales agents and brands the greatest amount of flexibility and cost control. With our much heralded DBA Program, Wynd Realty remains Atlanta’s only brokerage to provide a no-cost branding product that encourages agents to create, market and advertise themselves under their own realty brand(s).

Ready for a brokerage without the BS?

Join hundreds of Atlanta real estate agents doing the independent thing. No greedy franchise commissions. No waste-of-time meetings. Only the services you need for just $12.95/month.

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