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Corondelette Clay
Corondelette Clay

Wynd Realty

151 Ted Turner Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303


Office: 404-424-2273

Cell: 404-424-2273

Fax: 404-591-7922

Coronda Clay is an Associate Broker with Wynd Realty, serving real estate clients and customers for over 19yrs. Coronda is well rounded, currently a Licensed Loan Officer with Mortgage Network Solutions, serving the following states: Louisiana an Georgia. Coronda has been a Licensed Nurse for over 32yrs. Coronda has Degree from Clayton State University in Integrative Studies. Coronda enjoys Real Estate, Mortgages, Nursing, Tennis, Shopping, Traveling, Fishing and spending time with her Family. Coronda is a member of multiple Associations including Civic Organizations. She lives in North Fulton and has worked and served the Greater Atlanta Metro Area since 2002. Call today, you will be in good hands, and you will be happy you did.

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