Gig Economy Superstar - The Real Estate License

Jul, 30 2017

Gig Economy Superstar - The Real Estate License

“We each have our own places we want to sell, then buy together. What should we do”?

If you ask this question of a Realtor, the asker will not only launch a lifetime commitment of receiving emails, but will also, most likely, receive a wealth of information that will be useful.

If you ask this question of friends over beers, you may not get useful information, but what you will get is apt to be more aligned with your best interests. Realtors see everyone as paychecks. Friends don’t.

For example, a Realtor would never say; “Wow, that’s 3 sales, isn’t that a lot of money in commission? Maybe one of you guys should get a real estate license”? This type of advice is usually followed with some antidote about a crazy person they know who has a real estate license. “Trust me, if they can do it?” And sure, this sounds kind of funny after a few beers. But, before you discount putting on the yellow jacket and posing for your glamour shot, consider the math.

It is not an unreasonable that 2 people would be selling, $250K condos to buy a $500K home. Traditionally, buyers and sellers didn’t think of their real estate transactions as sum totals. But, if they did, this couple would realize their planned $1M dollars in real estate transactions was going to make someone $30K in sales commissions. People will do a lot of things for $30K. Still, a real estate license?

Enrolling in a real estate course is under $300 dollars. So with incidental costs, getting a license isn’t much more than $500-600 bucks. That means, using your license just one time for your own sale means a profit of 10 fold over your initial investment. Don’t want to attend a class? No one does. Thankfully everything is online now. Don’t want to be a “Realtor”? This is Atlanta, Georgia—you don’t have to be.

Atlanta is the largest free and open real estate market in the United States. Only in Atlanta are agents NOT required to join a Board or pay dues. Basically we do things very differently here in Atlanta than anywhere else in the Nation.

A small incremental investment almost guaranteeing to pay big dividends; there has to be a catch? That would be the 75 hour online real estate course. (There is a soft governor on the course, so you can’t go too fast—meaning it really does take nearly 75 hours to complete) Is the course hard or difficult? Oh hell no! Is the course frustrating and maddening? Oh, my God, yes!

The course has some of the traditional, rote learning of useless facts and other information soon to be forgotten. But, its true main function is to force people to read and think in a very certain way. Real estate is very black and white. There can be no gray. For some people, this can be a real challenge.

The course is designed to be repetitive and frustrating. It forces you to read slowly. It’s also forcing you to look out for gray areas. Make no mistake, you will curse whoever got you into this while you are going through it. The process of getting a real estate license is without a doubt, no fun at all.

That said, once you have a license, it extends many benefits. For example, buying a house and getting paid to do it, is something ONLY a real license holder can experience. A real estate license, particularly in Atlanta, should be the blue blazer in every Gig economist’s closet. With low cost, high potential, and virtually no barrier to entry, a real estate license is a handy tool.

Research indicates 44% of people ages 25-34 have more than one source of income. Validity of the number aside, it is indicating a trend, an openness or realization of a different financial direction. By 2020, 40% of all American workers are expected to be Independent Contractors.

If you are looking to save or make some money on your own sales, a real estate license is worth thousands. If you don’t know what the future holds and are looking for tools that will enable you the opportunity to make money, a real estate license can be priceless.

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