Real Estate Event of the Year!

Mar, 27 2017

Real Estate Event of the Year!

The mailer said I would learn the, “critical money making skills”, to build a profitable real estate business. The mailer also said I was one of the area’s top real estate producers. Knowing one of these statements to be totally false, it makes you wonder; “what are money making skills” and what do they have to do with real estate?

Atlanta Real Estate Mastermind is coming to Atlanta on March 29th, for a big half-day event at the Georgia World Congress Center. It promises to increase attendees’ real estate sales—“guaranteed!” And, by attending the event, all will be honored with an etched Award designating their unique industry leading status. Generally speaking, when pandering is layered on this thick, it tends to send red flags too hard to ignore.

The Mastermind website reads more like a check list of, “what to look out for” when evaluating the validity of something. Beware of unrealistic claims. Certainly “guaranteeing” anything qualifies. Beware of fear being sold as a motivator. Unfortunately, the real estate industry depends on fear, still their overly bleak message doesn’t seem necessary. Beware of those selling a dream. Did we mention Tony Robbins is a spokesperson?

At first glance, Real Estate Mastermind comes off as a professional, glossed-up, motivational program. On one hand, it makes perfect sense, the real estate community most likely makes up one of the largest blocks of self-employed individuals. And, anyone who has been self-employed will tell you, it is the developing of the discipline and work habits most people have problems with. So, all logic points to a natural fit between provider and potential prospect.

But, upon further review: it’s hard not to think the real estate industry isn’t somehow being shoehorned into the format of a traditional motivational program. It’s almost as if someone put together a program for realtors without ever having met one.

The concepts of a “Mastermind”, a mentoring program or a life coach are not new. Success is hard. It requires discipline, work habits and accountability. Sure, having discipline, developing work habits and holding yourself accountable will probably make you a better person, but it certainly can’t guarantee an increase in real estate sales.

As for the concept of freely “sharing” information and ideas as the Mastermind promotes; well, good luck with that. Whoever coined the phrase, “there is an honor among thieves” hadn’t met a realtor who needed a listing to pay for their kids riding lessons. In reality, realtors are fiercely competitive. Who really wants to share their great idea, which makes them money, with their competition who in in turn will use it against them?

So why is a motivational program being promoted as the real estate event of the year?

It is unclear how the trade of real estate figures in this program. The agenda calls for upwards of 29 guest speakers, many of whom are well-known in Atlanta real estate circles, to share their ideas and experiences.

This is a free event. But, the Georgia World Congress Center isn’t free, to say nothing of hundreds of etched awards. Very serious people in Atlanta real estate have lent their time and name to this event. And, it’s not entirely clear why?

At some point, someone is going to start selling something. Is there an enrollment fee into something? Course material to be purchased? Do you have to encourage others to do something? Do participants pose standing next to a life-size cut-out? There has to be some sort of a big reveal.

And, the only way to know, is to attend.

End of Part One

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