Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions below.

What is the Process to Join?

In most cases we can transfer a license online. All we need is your license number. The process takes seconds. But, in some instances, depending on the status of your license at the time of last renewal, GREC may ask for a “Change Application”. If this is the case, we email you a GREC form to complete and return. The extra step takes up to 24 hours.

Out-of-State transfers should visit:

Can I Get Paid at Close?

Yes, we prefer it. Having agents get paid at the table lessens our paperwork and overhead. We have a Pay-at-Close request form online within our Agent dashboard.

Will I Have Access to GAR Forms?

Yes, if you want to pay for them. Little “r” agents, those unaffiliated with a Board, can “lease” GAR forms on a yearly basis. Cost approximately, $230 per year.

Don’t I Need GAR Forms?

No. And if anyone tells you that, they’re lying. The FREE forms on FMLS are just as legal and comprehensive as any those from GREC. Hard to imagine FMLS lasting their 60+ years without being diligence in this regard. That said, it’s a universal given, the FMLS forms aren’t as professional “looking” as GAR forms. For some agents, that “look” is worth $230.

Can I Offer Discounted Commission Rates?

Absolutely. Agents are free to run their own businesses as they see fit. Sometimes agents need to develop specific Sales plans based on what works best for their clients. That plan may call for a rebate or perhaps a flat fee? No Brokerage should dictate what’s best for an agent’s client.

Does Wynd Realty Allow Property Management?

If you own it, you can manage it. Wynd Realty does not allow 3rd party Property Management. Very few Brokerages, if any, allow agents to perform it. For Brokerages, Property Management has little to no upside with catastrophic potential on the downside. The legal and insurance-related ramifications of Property Management make it wildly unpractical for Brokers to allow.

Is Wynd Realty For Atlanta Agents Only?

Technically no. Our license is valid throughout the State of Georgia. While we do have agents from outside of Atlanta, the majority of our Community comes from the service areas of our local MLS companies.

Do You Work with a Specific Closing Attorney or Firm?

No. Atlanta has a huge legal community. Lawyers can be found almost everywhere and most often are pretty flexible and accommodating. Key issue: location. Agents need to make their Closings as easy and convenient as possible for their clients. There really isn’t a need for clients to go out of their way to attend Closings.

Do you Offer E&O?

No. See: Stop Buying Stupid Products, Just Say NO to E&O

What do you mean Rentals and Referrals are FREE?

It means we charge nothing to process rental or referral commissions. Most often we find these types of transactions personal, insofar as they are between friends. We never believed a Brokerage should be due any part of that commission. In large part, because they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

We have had instances where “rentals” were the major part of an agent’s revenue stream. In those cases we have always come to an agreement with the agent involved.

If I Offer a Flat Fee, Can I Get Paid Directly?

No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances can an agent ever get paid directly. Money realized through real estate sales must go through a Brokerage for IRS reporting purposes.

What Kind of Support Do you Offer?

We offer our agent community, 24/7. All Wynd agents are on Slack, an online community that encourages discussion, team building and idea sharing. The volume and knowledge of our collective agent community only becomes stronger over time.

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